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EMC Mortgages is dedicated to helping clients make informed mortgage decisions. 

  • EMC has helped 1000s of people for over 27 years
  • Access to many mortgage options, an easy process, and volume discounts on mortgage interest rates

Talk to an EMC Mortgage Expert.

27 years experience helping good people
  • Highly experienced mortgage professionals provide mortgage education and information essential in making the best financial decisions
  • Purchases, refinances, renewals, pre-approvals, and transfers
  • Equity take-outs, Debt consolidation, Lines of credit

Read great things clients are saying about EMC…

“My broker went above and beyond when finalizing my mortgage for me. He took the time to explain everything in layperson terms, and followed up often as we went through the pre-approval process. He was also around between pre-approval and closing to answer any questions that came up. After having several negative experiences with brokers in the past, our EMC broker was such a star- he restored my faith for sure! Thank you again, you are a true professional who cares about your clients!”


“The mortgage process was very quick; our mortgage broker was very knowledgeable. He was prompt, knowledgeable and very helpful from the beginning. I would definitely recommend working with him to meet your mortgage needs.”


“The mortgage process was amazing; my mortgage broker is a rock star. This is the 2nd time I have worked with EMC and this process to acquire our mortgage took place over several years as it was a new development.

He was there every step of the way and took the time necessary to explain our options and as interest rates were rising was also there to provide advice regarding debt management. When it comes time to renew, my first call will be to EMC. If you are thinking about just walking up to the big banks to get your mortgage or renewal, do yourself a time and money-saving favour and call EMC!”


“I am very pleased with the service we got from my EMC broker. Highly recommend EMC.


“My EMC broker has been extraordinarily helpful from the very start. His many years of experience mean that he understands the process inside out. He inspires confidence and is pleasant and responsive. Thanks for helping us finally achieve our home-ownership plans.”


“I would like to thank my EMC broker for all his help with getting our mortgage settled. These are not fun and come with a lot of stress. My broker helped take the edge off and we are thankful for that.


“The mortgage process was quick. Our mortgage broker saved us time and secured the funds we needed.”


“The mortgage process was very quick. Our broker was great to work with and got us a much better rate!”


“My mortgage broker was very knowledgeable and understanding. He walked us through all questions and was prompt on returning calls and messages. He found me the best possible deal. I would recommend him to others.”


“The mortgage process was very straight forward. Our mortgage broker was very knowledgeable and got us the best rate possible. He helped to alleviate the stress of renewing.”


“The mortgage process was very fast and efficient. Our broker was extremely knowledgeable and educated us along the way. We secured a line of credit in the mortgage process, allowing us to start renovations.”


“Our broker was able to get us what we wanted. It was stressless, time saving and money saving!

We highly recommend EMC Mortgages! Fantastic for teachers and teachers teaching on call! Thank you for everything you did for us!”


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