When you renew your mortgage with EMC Mortgages, you won’t have to worry about doing things last minute. Rather, one of our brokers will contact you well in advance to discuss your options. Because we’ll start working on your mortgage with enough lead time, we can help by:

  • ensuring your mortgage is renewed with the best rate possible
  • hold your rate while we continue to shop around for the best mortgage until your actual renewal date.

Mortgage renewal is also a perfect time to improve other debts. We can certainly help with that too!


We appreciate everything Mr. Gunn has done for us, he has allowed us to feel like we may be able to breathe again. He has been very kind and so helpful to us. We are so grateful.


EMC Mortgages have done an exceptional job over the years helping me with my mortgage and financial needs. They are stress free help! Thank you!

Patrick + Pamela

Very professional, extremely helpful, and great to deal with. The whole process was simplified and made pleasant. Thank you for all the help!


I am very happy with the service I received from EMC Mortgages and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone in need of a mortgage! Thank you EMC!


Cory was a great help; he always answered my questions as fully and patiently as possible, and he always kept me in the loop. Thanks!


I highly recommend EMC Mortgages and Garth. They have gone above and beyond. Not only that, but they got me a great rate. I will be telling everyone about them!